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What Is a Casino?

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A casino is a public place that houses a variety of games of chance and where gambling is the primary activity. It may also offer other types of gaming, such as tournaments in poker, but it is primarily a place where people pay to play games of chance. Modern casinos are often lavish, with elaborate themes and amenities like restaurants, shops, stage shows and dramatic scenery. But they would not exist without the games of chance that draw in the patrons. Slot machines, blackjack, roulette, craps and other table games are what provide the billions of dollars in profits that casinos rake in every year.

Gambling in one form or another has been a part of human civilization for millennia. Evidence of dice-based gambling has been found in China dating back to 2300 BC, and playing cards entered the picture shortly thereafter. It is only recently, however, that casinos have developed into the elaborate entertainment and financial enterprises they are today.

The casino is a dangerous place, with many different opportunities to steal, cheat and scam. Casinos spend a great deal of time and money on security. Their employees patrol the floors and watch the patrons to spot blatant cheating techniques like palming, marking or switching cards. Other security workers monitor the patrons from a separate room filled with banks of security cameras that can be adjusted to focus on particular tables or patrons. The patterns of behavior that are common to most games of chance also help make it easier for security staff to spot unusual activities.